Social Inclusion and Integration

Social inclusion is vital to achieving the Svenska Youth League’s goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

We promote the agenda of social integration to ensure cross-sectoral coherence in societies. We work closely with policy makers to ensure policies need to be mutually compatible in promoting equality and well-being for disadvantaged groups. We have been involved in multiple projects that focus on assisting persons at risk of exclusion. We conduct extensive research to find new social practices that aim to meet emerging social needs in an effective way.

 Our social integration practices:

  • Recognition of identities and cultural practices
  • Supporting increased participation and representation of disadvantaged groups in political processes.
  • Support for social justice as the principle underpinning social provision. Identifying groups of people who face major systemic barriers in participating as equal citizens.
  • Support for Inclusive democratic processes as a means of building consensus about minimum levels of social provision and Political representation of the most disadvantaged.